EP-series protection (round slings & webbing slings)

According to the EN-1492 regulations for safe use of round slings the sling should always be protected on the anchoring point (shackles,pins,axis,trunions,etc.) as well as the lifting appliance (cranehook).  Extreema® protection comes in 100% Dyneema® or 100% Cordura®. We also offer polyester wear pads, suitable for rather smooth and clean surfaces.  The main application for our EP-series is the protection of lifting equipment and the object that will be lifted for a safer lifting operation. It can be mounted on synthetic round slings, webbing slings, steel wire rope & chains, lashings and synthetic ropes. With Extreema® protection round slings and webbing slings have a significant longer life span and  they will make your working conditions a lot safer.

According to EN 1492-2:2000+A1:2008
Paragraph D.3.7 Round slings should be protected from edges, friction and abrasion, whether from the load or the lifting appliance. Where reinforcements and protection against damage from edges and/or abrasion is supplied as part of the sling, this should be correctly positioned. It may be necessary to supplement this with additional protection.

The lifetime of a round sling will be significantly longer and much safer with Extreema® EP-L series protections on the bearing points and angles, sharp edges. You will also comply with the EN Standard 1492-2 for round slings!


  • High cut resistance
  • High tear resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Does not take up water
  • Easy to take on and off with velcro

EP-L protection

EP-L protection is made from 100% Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. The color is white. It can be delivered with or without velcro and in various dimensions. It is easy to take on and off and the perfect solution to protect your sling.

The EP-L protection is extremely durable and stretchable. It has a proven track-record in many industries and for many applications. The protection prevents damage to the payload; it is chemical resistant and extremely resistant to cuts, abrasion and puncture. This makes it the perfect fit for repetitive loadouts of payloads with extremely sharp edges.


EP-XL & XXL protection

Extreema® EP-XL & XXL sizes are the perfect solution to protect your sling in contact with sharp edges. They are made of 100 % Dyneema® and can be delivered in various dimensions. The color is white.

Extreema® EP-XL & XXL sizes have the highest abrasion resistance of any fiber, excellent dynamic toughness, flex fatigue resistance and very low elongation. The protection has superior cut, puncture and tear resistance.


EP-C protection

EP-C protection is made from 100% Cordura®. This super-durable fiber is as primary ingredient in many of the world’s leading high-performance gear. It is known for its resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. The color of EP-C protection is black. It can be delivered in various dimensions and with or without velcro.

The EP-C protection is extremely durable and stretchable. It prevents damage to the payload; the material is resistant against higher temperatures and to friction and abrasion. This makes it a perfect fit for lifting objects with higher temperatures.


EP Gold protection series

Unlike the EP protection series, the EP Gold protection series are produced with a double layer. As a result each layer of the EP Gold series has less stress compared to only one, in the end resulting in longer lifetime of the top layer. Another great advantage is, when wearage and damage do occur, the Gold protection can be used both sides. This results in less and better planable interventions.

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