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Nowadays EXTREEMA® HMPE soft slings (with Dyneema®) have a large track record and strong footprint in the heavy lift industry worldwide. Research, testing and development in our factory, in close collaboration with our suppliers, have resulted in a huge step forward in our EXTREEMA® product range:

Extreema®: the Black Belt Sling™

The Extreema® black belt slings jacket is made from Cordura® and known for its resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. This jacket is suitable for many connecting challenges to shackles, shaves, trunnions, crane hooks, etc.

In addition, the black jacket is a perfect fit for lifting objects with higher temperature ranges: it has a service temperature range from -40°C up to +100°C, while still maintaining abrasion, wear and puncture resistant.


The load bearing core is based on parallel laid fiber technology. Break load tests of the Black Belt Sling™ on Ramshorn DIN shaped hooks showed between 30-50% higher MBL’s  compared to braided synthetic ropes.


In order to get the most of your sling, we advise to use appropriate protection. For the Black Belt Sling™ we recommend using EP-C protection. The EP-C protection is extremely durable and stretchable. It prevents damage to the payload; the material is resistant against higher temperatures and to friction and abrasion.


When taking good care of Extreema®: the Black Belt Sling™ it is possible to re-use the slings for future projects. As a result, an Extreema® HMPE heavy lift soft sling makes a giant leap towards a more sustainable and environmental friendly world.

Additionally, our service team is able to provide repair services in our own sling repair shop and, on request, worldwide onsite.