Dyneema vs HMPE: The Comparison

High-performance fibers have played an essential role in driving numerous innovations in advanced materials, often going unnoticed despite their impact. One such fiber that has garnered significant attention is Dyneema®, a brand name synonymous with exceptional strength, lightweight properties, and durability. However, what sets Dyneema® apart from generic High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) fibers, and why […]

Round Sling Damage Explained: Safety, Sustainability, and Savings

A round sling with a hole in its jacket

Round slings are an essential component in various lifting and rigging applications. They are valued for their flexibility, strength, and versatility. However, like any other equipment, sometimes round slings can sustain damage over time, compromising safety and hindering project progress. In this informative article, we will explore the reasons behind round sling damage, why immediate […]

Introducing our new name and modernized logo

Name Change Lift-tex® specializes in the manufacturing and developing heavy lift HMPE soft slings, with more than 50 years of experience. We felt it was time to change as our company grew and evolved. We have officially changed our name from Lift-Tex® Industrie B.V. to Lift-Tex® Heavy Lift Slings. We have refreshed our brand to […]

Enhance your entertainment production with the sleek Black Inferno®

The Black Inferno®: heat-resistant soft sling is an innovative lifting solution with a sleek black finish that blends seamlessly with any set design or performance space. Not only does it provide a functional and reliable solution for your lifting needs, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your production.The Black Inferno® is […]

Introducing the Extreema® XS sling to Wagenborg Nedlifts

We have teamed up with Hijsspecialist.nl to introduce our latest innovation, the game-changing Extreema® XS sling, to Wagenborg Nedlift, which is used for the assembly and disassembly of cranes. This state-of-the-art product has been engineered to perfection, using only the finest materials to provide exceptional strength and long-lasting durability in a sleek, lightweight design. Our […]

Steelwind Nordenham GmbH cuts CO2 emission with Bio-Based Dyneema®

Steelwind Nordenham GmbH has made a sustainable choice by selecting Bio-based Dyneema® over general HMPE for one of their projects earlier this year. The decision to use the eco-friendly option has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. In partnership with Avient Corporation, the reduction in CO2 emissions has been calculated to be 209T […]