Introducing the Extreema® XS sling to Wagenborg Nedlifts

8 February 2023

We have teamed up with to introduce our latest innovation, the game-changing Extreema® XS sling, to Wagenborg Nedlift, which is used for the assembly and disassembly of cranes.

This state-of-the-art product has been engineered to perfection, using only the finest materials to provide exceptional strength and long-lasting durability in a sleek, lightweight design. Our team has witnessed the XS sling in action and is thrilled to be part of making lifting tasks more efficient and effortless.

The Extreema® XS sling is a highly reliable solution for lifting needs. Its exceptional performance and reliability make it an indispensable tool in the field. The unique features of this product make it the perfect choice for crane assembly and disassembly tasks.

We developed a product to transform the lifting industry. The Extreema® XS sling represents a new level of innovation and design, bringing greater ease and efficiency in lifting tasks.

Heavy lift round slings and protective sleeves produced with general HMPE or UHMWPE high performance materials, such as bio-based Dyneema®.

Lifting a crane part with the XS round sling

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