Improve durability in lifting: Extreema® vs polyester round slings

25 April 2024

Durability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the foundation of sustainable and cost-efficient lifting. A sling’s ability to withstand wear and tear directly impacts its lifespan. Maintenance costs will decrease, and so will the overall environmental footprint. In this post, we will compare traditional polyester round slings with Extreema® round slings to showcase the differences.

Challenges with Polyester Round Slings

Unfortunately, polyester slings, often perceived as durable, fall short of expectations. They are prone to abrasion damage and weaken over time. This unreliability poses safety risks and may halt projects due to damaged round slings.

Introducing Extreema® Round Slings

Extreema® round slings are a game-changer in lifting applications. Extreema® round slings are made with high-end materials such as Dyneema® and HMPE, and they redefine durability. By choosing Extreema® slings, you’re not just investing in longevity; you’re investing in sustainability and cost-efficiency.

people pulling a round sling

Here's why Extreema® Round Slings stand out:

Abrasion Resistance:

Abrasion is a common cause of sling degradation and failure. Extreema® slings, made with high-performance materials, offer outstanding abrasion resistance. For example, Cordura, a high-performance material used in Extreema® slings, maintains its integrity even after 5000 cycles in an abrasion test, showcasing outstanding durability. In contrast, polyester slings show significant wear and tear after just 2500 cycles, highlighting their vulnerability to abrasion damage.

UV Resistance:

Outdoor lifting applications expose slings to damaging UV radiation, which can cause premature failure. Extreema® slings are developed to resist exposure to UV radiation for long-lasting performance.

Environmental Resistance:

Extreema® Round Slings are engineered to perform in diverse environmental conditions, offering resistance to moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures consistent performance and reliability, empowering you to tackle any lifting task confidently.

Chemical Resistance:

Lifting operations often involve exposure to chemicals and corrosive substances, which can compromise sling materials. Extreema® Round Slings are engineered to withstand various chemicals and other hazardous substances. 

an unchanged cordura piece after an abrasion test

Cordura (5000 cycles)

the remain of a polyester sleeve after an abrasion test

Polyester with coating (2500 cycles)

Improve your durability by choosing Extreema®

In conclusion, durability is essential for sustainable and cost-efficient lifting practices. The choice of sling material directly influences lifespan, maintenance costs, and environmental impact. While polyester slings may initially seem durable, they often fall short when put to the test.

By choosing Extreema®, you’re extending longevity and investing in sustainability and cost-effectiveness. With remarkable abrasion resistance, chemical resilience, UV stability, and environmental durability, Extreema® round slings empower you to tackle lifting tasks confidently while minimizing maintenance and ecological footprint. 

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