XS Round Sling

Discover the versatility and benefits of The Extra Small Extreema® Round Slings

The Solution for Lifting in Limited Spaces

XS Round Slings: Your Answer to Confined Space Challenges. With 3T, 5T, and 10T load capacities, these slings excel in tight environments. Their small core diameter (15mm for 3T, 18mm for 5T, and 23mm for 10T) makes maneuvering in confined areas a breeze, while their 1:1 D:d ratio allows the use of standard bow shackles, saving you from the expenses of wide-body shackles and complex pin lifts. Moreover, these XS round slings go beyond their compact design and adaptability. They provide versatility, offering a practical solution for various lifting applications. With a wide selection of colors and working lengths ranging from 0.3m to 8m, they are prepared to meet diverse challenges, making your lifting projects more efficient and cost-effective.


One size fits all

The XS round slings are the ultimate solution for lifting loads ranging from 1T to 20T. They offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional polyester slings. Say goodbye to the hassle of disposal, storage, and transportation costs, and welcome a practical and efficient choice that never compromises safety and quality. Their lightweight design ensures easy handling and transport, making them a practical choice across various lifting applications. By embracing the XS round slings, industries secure a dependable lifting solution and embark on a sustainable journey, reducing industrial waste and minimizing their environmental footprint.

XS: Small & Smart


The XS round slings embody reliability and durability when faced with heavy loads. But it goes beyond mere strength; these slings hold the key to sustainability, unlocking a path for industries to reduce industrial waste and leave a lighter environmental footprint. Witness the XS round slings’ long lifespan, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable lifting equipment. Choosing the XS round slings is more than just a wise business decision; it’s a conscious step towards environmental responsibility and conservation values. Step into a world where practicality and sustainability merge seamlessly and lifting heavy loads aligns with a commitment to a greener, more responsible future.

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