Signal Sleeve

Signal sleeves indicate sling damage, allowing safe use of the core with jacket repair or replacement.

In the world of practical solutions, let’s introduce the signal sleeve—an addition to the core of a round sling designed to boost safety measures. It’s made from red Dyneema® or orange Polyester. This sleeve plays a vital role as an indicator, making it clear when the sling’s safety might be compromised. Think of this inner signal sleeve as a quiet notifier. It removes any doubts and helps make safety procedures stronger. By choosing an inner signal warning sleeve, the core of the round sling can still be safely used, and only the jacket needs to be repaired or replaced.

Dyneema® Signal Sleeve

Dyneema® is a symbol of endurance, boasting remarkable resistance to cuts, abrasions, and punctures. If a round sling’s outer jacket is damaged, a Dyneema® inner signal warning sleeve can help protect the sling’s core.  The inner sleeve is in a vivid red hue, ensuring high visibility. Its purpose is straightforward: to serve as a clear signal, alerting users when the sling’s safety might be compromised. This proactive approach ensures quick action for a secure work environment.

a close up of a red Dyneema® inner sleeve for a round sling

Sand Ingress Protection Filter

Extreema® heavy lift round slings are designed to excel in subsea conditions. Their exceptional resistance to salt, chemicals, and water-repellent properties makes them the ultimate choice for such environments. However, the subsea application has its challenges. One such challenge is the potential for internal abrasion within the bearing core yarn due to particles. To address this, we offer the Extreema® sand ingress protection filter—a practical solution that acts as an inner sleeve for the Extreema® round sling. Let’s delve into the mechanics: the filter features a discreet O90 opening size of less than 0.036mm, ensuring effective particle filtration. Yet, it doesn’t hinder the sling’s functionality; instead, it strikes a delicate balance that allows it to function without restriction.

a close up of a polyester inner sleeve for a round sling

Polyester Signal Sleeve

When comparing options, let’s look at Dyneema® and its counterpart—a polyester inner signal warning sleeve. It’s worth noting that the polyester sleeve offers less protection against cuts, abrasions, and punctures than Dyneema®. Opting for the polyester inner signal warning sleeve means choosing an apparent orange color, ensuring quick identification when the sling’s safety is compromised. While it might not provide the same level of protection as Dyneema®, the polyester sleeve adds more security to your lifting operations. Both Dyneema® and polyester sleeves play a role in enhancing safety in different ways. Each option has its strengths, allowing you to tailor your approach based on your needs.

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