Datasheets round slings

Our Extreema® slings are available for payloads from 500kg up to MBL 4000T (straight lift) or 8000T (basket lift)  in lengths ranging from 0,2 Meters to 80 Meters.

Since Lift-Tex’ round sling products are manufactured with parallel laid fiber technology, very small ratios in comparison to other techniques are possible. This because the bearing core can spread to most optimum form and thus lowest stress possible. A “bending” or “splice” loss factor does not apply to this kind of product (unlike e.g. braided constructions).

Available datasheets

Lift-Tex® is continuously working on the development of new technical product information resulting in a large range of datasheets. We have a variety of documents available to help you find all the information you need, below you will find a number of these sheets:

Extreema®with Dyneema® recommended trunnion dimensions WLL 10t-200t

Extreema®with HMPE recommended trunnion dimensions WLL 10t-200t

Extreema® with Van Beest GP – SlingShackle

By all means there are many more datasheets to learn from. Just request your login below to access all datasheets available.

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