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Webbing slings

Extreema® webbing slings are made with 100% Dyneema®, for inconvenient and tough lifting jobs under challenging conditions. The lifting capacity ranges from WLL 1T up to WLL 10T straight lift. The sling is constructed with a re-inforced eye/eye at both ends. It is available in the following widths: 50mm & 100mm.

Polyester webbing slings can also be protected with Extreema® fabric. A seamless tubular protective sleeve is the perfect solution to protect a rope from abrasion. This protective cover will also prevent industrial waste to penetrate the rope and damage the core yarns. The fabric can be applied on the entire length of the webbing sling, on the edges of the sling or in the lifting eyes.


  • Flexible and soft
  • Easy to handle
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • High resistance against acid treatment
  • Does not absorb water
  • Resistant to UV
  • Cost saving, long service life
  • No scrap, no damage to payload