Extreema® XS round slings - WLL3T, WLL5T, WLL10T (SF 7:1)

The extra thin WLL 3T, WLL 5T & WLL 10T Extreema® round slings make it possible to lift heavy payloads, when you have to work with limited spaces. This is possible because of their small core diameter which equals to 15mm (WLL3T), 18mm (WLL5T) & 23mm (WLL10T).

With an extremely small diameter and a D:d ratio of 1:1, it also enables you to work with regular classic model bow shackles instead of more expensive wide body shackles and lift on the pin. The slings are available in various colours and very short effective working lengths (0,3m-20m). Moreover, it is possible to equip the sling with different kinds of protections.

One size fits all

By making use of the WLL 3T (6T basket), WLL 5T (10T basket) and WLL 10T (20T basket) Extreema® slings, you can discard all polyester slings from 1T up to 20T. This saves you costs in storage, logistics, purchasing and disposal, while supplying your employees with a more efficient and faster workflow.


Additionally, you contribute to the environmental reduction of pollution as a result of the long life span of Extreema® slings and tremendous reduction of industrial waste.


  • Saving costs
  • D:d ratio of 1:1
  • Environmental friendly
  • Light in weight
  • Environmental friendly
  • Flexible
  • Less storage
  • Long life cycle
  • Access to limited lifting space
  • Safer lifting operations
  • Improving workflow