Datasheets protection

Small D/d-ratios introduce high linear stress, typical at the edges of DIN hooks and some wide body shackles. To lengthen the lifetime and minimalize interventions, the positioning of the jacket and protection cover is very important. The fabric of both, the jacket and the protection, should be equalized and flattened by pulling hand taut.

Since protection covers are wear parts and save the sling, ordering extra protection covers makes sense.

The Extreema® protection range is available in many variations and designs. We can add any required supplementary information on our EP-L and EP-C series, such as;

  • Company name & logo, website.
  • Lifting instructions (all possible configurations).
  • “Place at bearing point” instruction for riggers.
  • Product TAG number, reference, article number,traceability number, project reference, etc.

The above instructions are designed on the latest state of the art designing software by our in-house designers. The text is produced in a coloured yarn weaving pattern which will remain visible during the complete lifespan of the protection. Extreema® protections will make the lifting job at hand a lot safer and the lifespan of your Extreema® round sling much longer.

Extreema® EP protection booklet 2020