Build your own Extreema® round sling

In our own factory in The Netherlands, Lift-Tex® produces a complete range of  Extreema® round slings. We manufacture our Extreema® round slings derived from the norm EN 1492-2. You can build your own Extreema® round sling by choosing the most suitable core, jacket and optionally inner sleeve for your lifting configuration. Learn more about the possibilities below and build your own Extreema® round sling.

The parts of the sling can be made of various materials based on your needs. For example, the core could be made of a different fabric then the inner sleeve or jacket. Click below to see which material suits your requirements.

Lift-Tex® is continuously working on the development of new technical product information resulting in a large range of datasheets. We have a variety of documents available to help you find all the information you need. Learn more